Are you in need of a professional moving company?

Athene Moving Company is a professional company that can handle all types of moving for individuals and businesses throughout Denmark and abroad.
We specialize in moves to and from London, from all of Europe.


Easy and hassle-free

So if you need to move all your belongings, including, for example, a piano, safe, or similar heavy lifting, we can also handle this. Do you live in an apartment, or does your house have a narrow staircase? Then we have a moving lift so that your move can take place easily and without any problems.

If you need to move something from Denmark abroad or vice versa, Athene Flyttefirma also helps with this. Read more about moving abroad here.


If you want help with moving, please book well in advance, as the dates sell out quickly, due to our many positive reviews on Trustpilot.

In addition, we are, to put it modestly, one of the few moving companies that have a truck driver’s license.

We accept payment in cash or by bank transfer. Payment is made immediately after the end of the task, which is when everything has been carried into place according to your instructions.

Our Corevalues

The core values of Athene Moving Company are quality, service, trust, and precision.
In other words, to live up to what you expect from a professional moving company.





We rely on recommendations from our customers, and 50 percent of our assignments are based on referrals from previous customers. You can read our customer reviews below.

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